Tennis Betting Site Choices For Canadian Players

Here is a complete guidebook on how to wager on tennis. There are numerous tennis betting site options and lots of ways to wager. Most books offer the traditional heads-up matchups. An example would be Roger Federer -600 / Tommy Hass. If someone wanted to place on Federer, they would have to spend $600 to win $100. If Federer defeated Hass, that person would collect their $100 winning and have their $600 stake returned. Conversely, if someone wagered on Hass, they would stake $100 to win $540 if the underdog pulled off the upset. That person would collect $640 total.

In addition to matchups, each book will offer some form of prop bet for different matches. Some places also offer sets wagering, which is where they post a line on a number of sets the match will go and a player can take the over or the under. Sets wagers also offers lines on which player will win more sets with a point spread. For instance, you could see something like this: Roger Federer -1.5 -279 / Tommy Hass +1.5 +259. If Federer won four sets to one, three, or zero sets, the Federer -1.5 would be a winner. Any other results means that the Hass +1.5 sets would be declared the winner.

The tennis betting site SportingBet Casino not only offers matchup and sets stakes, they also offer games betting. What this option does is combine a money line with a spread. You may have seen this if you ever gamble on football and have seen the point spread is three. Bookmakers don't like to move off of the number three, so if they are getting one-way action they might add a money line to the point spread to encourage people on both sides of the wager. The same concept is applied for tennis. For instance, if those who prefer Serena Williams have to lay out $140 to win $100, Serena needs to win more games than, say, Petrova, but not necessarily win the match. These three are the most common ways to gamble on tennis. Check out SportingBet Casino to find out additional handicapping information and tips.