How Far Has Paradise Poker Come Since 1999?

One of the oldest websites on the Internet where you could enjoy online poker, dating back to 1999, was Paradise Poker. This site used to be a big name in the United States Internet gambling industry up until the year 2006. What happened in 2006? Unfortunately for many Americans, a new law, the UIGEA, was passed in that year to enact stricter regulation on Internet gambling in the United States. The site pulled its service out of that country, but it is still available to residents of Canada and several other countries as well under its new name: SportingBet Casino. It is also a member of the International Poker Network, which ensures high traffic, proper accountability and a wide variety of games for every skill level from beginner to expert.

There are a number of reasons why you may want to give this site a try. The bonus offers available here are fairly competitive; for example, there is a 200% matched welcome bonus of up to $1000 when you use the promo code EXTRACASH. The funds are gradually released to your account as you make your way through the various requirements. The code also allows you to get 30% rake-back throughout the life of your account, which is a great way to help keep your bankroll a little bit padded. The software is high quality and especially beneficial to card players thanks to the stats function that keeps you up to date on your own playing, a great tool when used in conjunction with a quality hand tracking program.

Now that SportingBet Casino has taken over the site, even more positive improvements have been made. For example, the loyalty program that is now available allows players to rack up points which can be used to buy seats in tournaments or traded for plain old cash. Moves like this have brought the competition back after all the U.S. Players moved on, so you will be able to interact with some serious gamblers. Although poker is the most commonly played casino game here, you will also find all of the other traditional gambling activities - there is something for everyone.