Getting to Know Live Casinos and their Features

People who want to enjoy some of the most realistic experiences possible from the comforts of their own homes often turn to live casinos. These are relatively new developments in the realm of online gambling, and they have only been made possible with the introduction of new technologies, including improvements in Flash and Java as well as in the everyday internet speeds that are available to consumers. Unlike traditional offerings in which everything is digitalized, these live dealer games incorporate a video stream so that players can interact with a casino employee who deals cards or spins a roulette wheel. It's truly an exciting endeavor and one that many people are making their favorites.

Some people have reservations about live casinos, though. Some want to know what's going to happen if they can't see the cards via the video feed; others are concerned about etiquette and how the casino employee should be treated. Of course, there are some simple explanations. First of all, there is a video feed present, but there is also a digitalized version of whatever is being played on the screen so there's never any guessing involved. People can interact with the dealer in one of two ways: via voice chat if it is enabled or through a chat window that is generally located at the side of the screen. These people are incredibly friendly and no special etiquette is needed other than standard social skills. Of course, chatting isn't necessary at all.

There are a couple of drawbacks to consider, as well. First of all, people who want to play free titles won't be able to do so in this manner. They're only available to people with paid accounts. Second, for those who have slow internet speeds, the video feed may be grainy, pixelated or slow. To find out whether or not this is the right option for you, you can check out SportingBet Casino. They offer everything you could ever imagine here including the ability to place wagers on all of your favorite Canadian sporting events - including hockey, soccer and football.