Learn about Legal Online Betting at Canadian Sites

There are people out there who want to learn more about legal online betting in Canada whether it has to do with lotteries, casino games or sports bets. The truth is that sports wagering is widely accepted here not only at government sanctioned Canadian sites, but also in many offshore venues since there aren't any restrictions in place to prevent it. There are a few restrictions in place, though, including one that states that venues may only offer wagers that cover more than a single game or event. There is a bill currently in the works that would allow more freedom than this and provide the individual provinces with the rights to decide.

There are many different types of legal online betting taking place here, too. Not only do Canucks gamble on things like hockey and soccer which are innately Canadian in nature, but they also gamble on American events like baseball, football and basketball. Even the winter Olympics are a hot topic because so many are practiced here due to the country's landscape. Two of the largest money generators here are by far the Stanley Cup and the Super Bowl that is associated with the NFL, but even more obscure things like curling and lacrosse can be found in various online sportsbooks.

The good news here is that there are plenty of Canadian sites out there offering bonuses for first time bettors, and a great one to start out with is SportingBet Casino. Here, new players can take advantage of several different offers, and the site is excellent about providing information regarding current statistics. While live streams aren't available here as they are with some of the competition, the overall odds simply can't be beat. The venue prides itself on quick payout times, secure transactions, excellent customer service, and a full-sized casino in which free titles like blackjack, slots and more can be enjoyed. It's fun, it's legal, and it's estimated that between 3% and 12% of people in this country participate at least once per week, so why not become one of them?