All About Sport Betting Odds Terms

Betting on sporting events is a common pastime and has been for centuries. In our modern times, technology allows us to not only wager on the outcomes of sporting events happening all over the world, but also to make some good money. If you are looking to get involved or improve your current winning statistics, it is important to know a little bit about how sport betting odds work. Here is some information about the few different ways that you may see them displayed.

In Canada and Europe, you will most commonly run into decimal displays. Most Internet sportsbook sites will display them in this fashion. In this practice, you will first put up your stake before you make the bet. The price quoted will be the exact amount paid out if you win. This is the easiest type to understand and put into practice since you do not have to make calculations on your stake's return or think about multiples. All you have to do is multiply the bet's value by the value of the decimal and the result will be the amount you would collect if you won. For example, if the number is 2.00 and you bet of $100, if you win you would receive a total of $200 in return.

At some point you may also encounter American odds. They work a little differently depending on whether the subject is the favorite or the underdog. For a favorite, they work by giving you an idea of what you will have to risk to get $100 back. If the number shown for a certain outcome is -110, you would have to put up $110 to get $100. For example, if you put $110 on your favorite team and they end up winning, you would get your original $110 plus $100 in winnings for a total payout of $210. For an underdog, you will be looking at what you could win if you were to risk $100. These are the most common ways of displaying sport betting odds. With an understanding of what these terms mean for your game, you can get a better grip on the fundamentals and start seeing some real results. SportingBet Casino is a great online site for placing secure sporting event wagers with a true potential for payouts.